The United Ways of Utah needed a way to educate families about emotional resilience without kids tuning out, so we hid the vegetables in something we knew Utah families couldn't resist: a new card game.
Named "Everyday Strong" after UW's Utah-specific program, this game is actually fun, even while being packed with educational content for families to discuss as they play.
The objective is to be the first player to obtain the three essential factors to emotional resilience in the home: safety, connection, and confidence.
Progress is helped or hindered by cards that represent the everyday choices we all make.
In conjunction with the game, we also created this print series to emphasize some of the most important (and easily applicable) principles of family resiliency.
Art Directors: Cooper Epps, Kelsey Knecht
Copywriters: Ryan Kunz,  KC Sosa
Creative Director: Phil Smallwood
Illustrators: Kelsey Knecht, Cooper Epps, Phil Smallwood
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